mayday heyday parfait



© Ryan Muir


mayday heyday parfait

A new investigative musical by The Commons Choir 

“Isn’t it imperative/ to cross the sea/ to cross the street/ this time around/ to go straight to the wound/ and do not touch” (from the libretto)

The Commons Choir’s newest work, mayday heyday parfait, sets humanity’s troubles and highest aspirations to song, dance, and poetry, exploring the human capacity for empathy across difference.  A diverse cast of 30 weaves a multi-layered narrative of complex musical harmonies and highly personal movement – from the violence of history that brought us to where we are now, to a way forward where individuals follow their own paths and yet still feel their connection to others. Like the title whimsically references: MAYDAY (distress signal, call for help) HEYDAY (period of great success) PARFAIT (French: perfect; layered concoction), our stories and our histories are irreducible and interdependent. Our collective force may be strong if we can find a way to undiscover ourselves and meet again.

The multi-year process culminated in a premiere performance and exhibition at BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn, NY on November 9, 2017. The work is at the intersection of movement, voice, political economy and theater.