After an in-depth period of research and creating performance in the last ten years, we have arrived at a flexible blueprint to create performance through workshops of within communities. In this way we can now think of bringing this process to diverse locations and cultures.


Structure and Format:

Different formats are available in response to the needs and resources of each community.


Main components:

Research Module

Faïn and Kocik research the local histories embedded in the past of the cities/communities/neighborhoods they are working with. In addition, they conduct interviews with the local community members and lead group discussions to weave an interconnected narrative addressing “How we are making history and how history makes us.”


Education Module (workshops)

Through their practice Faïn and Kocik provide tools to empower individuals. The dynamic between the research and the experience of their movement/vocal practice allows people to trust a transformative process to take place individually within the collective process. Physically the practice is based on QiGong and Chinese physical and energetic ways to cultivate life force while understanding the elements and your surrounding environment more holistically. Vocally the practice works towards a deep embodiment to own ones voice. It is a vibrational approach that opens up the energy centers and channels in the body.


Production Module (rehearsals and performance)

Through the Research and Education modules we work with communities to find an expression that integrates the different narratives that emerge from individual experiences and historical research and that makes sense for the group. A libretto is made and performed. Materials from our body of work can also be integrated if relevant to the local context.





Conceived over a year including

1 to 2 site visits with local partners

2 to 3 weeklong engagements including research, public workshops and intensive rehearsal processes

Full-evening performance followed by community discussion



A condensed version is also available, comprised of a weekend of intensive workshops (ideally two) and a weeklong rehearsal residency

30-35 minute performance followed by community discussion