Landing Sites

by Daria Faïn to be premiered at The Chocolate Factory September 2020

… Ms. Faïn is a remarkable dancer, trained in Asian and American practices; her honed yet weighty movements bring to mind a warrior-monk who might at any time rocket into an attack or slip into meditative stillness. What a pleasure it was to observe her moment-by-moment negotiation of the thrumming Stockhausen score

The New York Times by Claudia La Rocco, 2010

In all my experiences I am conscious of a hand. Whatever moves me, whatever thrills me, is a hand that touches me in the dark, and that touches my reality.

– Helen Keller

Landing Sites is a dance theater work conceived and performed by Daria Faïn with invited guests including performing artists Athena Kokoronis (U.S.), Tuomas Laitinen (Finland), Robert Kocik (U.S.), Melanie Maar (U.S., Austria), Christian Schrœder (Austria), David Thomson (U.S.), Marýa Wethers (U.S.) and Tuçe Yasak (U.S.,Turkey). Landing Sites is an inquiry into the experiences of reality and their consequences in our lives. It will look at the immediate and long-term effects that our perceptions of reality have on the way we produce meaning, belief systems, and changes in our environment. It will manifest as an immersive sensory installation where movement, text, sound, vocals and light and material space will invite the audience to shift phenomenal perceptions.

In Landing Sites, Faïn dismantles the construct of the self to examine the relationship between the individual and the social body. With her collaborators, Faïn creates a psycho- architectural container that facilitates a visceral journey to embrace our inner and outer demons. 

In ‘Landing Sites,’ Faïn uses the metaphor of the spider as weaver archetype (feminine), creator of the universe, present in many cultures historically to look at the interconnection of self and other. The weaver adaptively spins her own world, one among many, always able to rebuild or move on as context transforms. This metaphor is the foundation of Faïn’s work with her collaborators—interdependent weavers—whether acting as performers, composers or designers. 

Faïn and her collaborators directly contemplate the causality of interrelation. ‘Landing Sites’ will look at the immediate and long-term effects our perceptions of reality have on the way we create belief systems, and the impact our individual choices have on political and environmental crises. By embracing qualities of the divine feminine as embodied by the adaptive creativity of the arachnid weaver, the fierceness of the figure of Medusa, and the empathetic wisdom of Helen Keller, we can see a way forward in the face an apocalypse built on systemic, mechanized hatred.

The development of Landing Sites has been possible through: a 9-month residency at BkSD; a week long residency at Zagreb Dance Center in Croatia supported by the GPS/Global Practice Sharing program of Movement Research with funding from the Trust for Mutual Understanding; a 2-week residency at the Saari residency in Finland funded by the Kone Foundation; and through a 2019 Movement Research Residency, funded by the Scherman Foundation’s Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund.