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2019-2020 Workshops


115 Wooster Street 2nd Fl Soho NYC


September: 14 &15, 10am-3pm: BASICS Qi Kung & EARTH Active Agent

You can register for one $130 or two workshops $229 (includes Square fees) or venmo @racheldaria-fain ($125 and $220)

Please note that registration for 2 workshops is valid only when consecutive.

Chi Kung | BASICS of Internal Alchemy
6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit
Saturday, September 14, 10am-3pm

Chi Kung BASICS – from the Universal Healing Tao system created by Grand Master Mantak Chia
This simple practice can transform encumbered emotions into vitality, and can be the first step in a journey toward Internal Alchemy meditation.

  • The 6 Healing Sounds
    are an effective way of restoring and maintaining balance of your emotions and internal organs.

  • The Inner Smile
    onnects with your original force as an energy to cultivate, store, and move internally.

  • The Microcosmic Orbit
    is a practice that links the two major meridians in the body, balances Yin and Yang energy, and enables you to multiply the energy flow in the other meridians.

Exploration of EARTH Energy
Endlessly Reconfigure What IS
Sunday, September 15, 10am-3pm

The peak of summer's Yang energy is decreasing, and we are about to start a new cycle of the year. We will contemplate and activate the Earth Active Agent. In thinking, this means to be flexible and in the moment with what IS, harvesting and reconfiguring. 

After a Chi Kung warm up, we will read classic Chinese texts, share experiences, and be in contemplative action as a creative process to embody what the Earth energy is activating within and without, as individuals and as a group.

October: 26, 10am-3pm 


Long before the advent of firearms, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, a form of Kung Fu, built powerful bodies able to withstand hand-to-hand combat.  In the practice of Iron Shirt, we put more emphasis on the fasciae connective tissues, organs, tendons, bones and bone marrow and less emphasis on muscle development. Even then, however, martial use was only one aspect of Iron Shirt Chi Kung, and today its other aspects remain vitally significant for anyone seeking better health, a sound mind, and spiritual growth. The practice involves series of standing postures with activation of the entire bodyming innerstructure. This practice is from Grand Master Mantak Chia founder of the Universal Healing Tao.

November: 24, 10am-3pm


Suwen Chapter 2: 

“Exerting the will peacefully and calmly

To soften the repressive effect of autumn…

Clarifying and refreshing the lung qi

Which corresponds with the qi of autumn.

This is the way to maintain the harvesting of life.”

Translated by Sandra Hill 

The workshop will begin with a warm up, focusing on developing a conscious physical and energetical  relationship with the lungs and the metal energy’s power to work through transformation. Then we will move into a creative process informed by C O R E  M O T I O N Contemplative Action modality which includes individual and collective exploration, reading text, and meditation. Bring pictures, texts, objects that evoke the Metal Energy to you.


January 4th: DO YIN, 10am-3pm REGISTER

IRON YOUR PSOAS MUSCLE TO OPEN YOUR BACK! This series of postures and stretches on the floor called DO YIN is a very ancient Taoist practice. It is based on sending the warming heart energy into the kidneys. It opens the back very deeply and allows a deep meditative state within the flow between heart/kidney or fire/water energies. This is an occasion to deepen your mechanical understanding of the psoas muscle and the energetics behind it. This practice is from Grand Master Mantak Chia founder of the Universal Healing Tao.

January 5th: WINTER/ WATER Active Agent, 10am-3pm REGISTER

“The Kidneys are responsible for the arousing of power skills and ability stem from them.” - From The secret Treatise of the Spiritual Orchid. Translated by Claude Larre and Elisabeth Rocha de la Vallée

This workshop will support the Water energy in the kidneys or Jin. The kidneys hold the emotion of trust and fear. The Jin is the “essence of the physical body” . This is a time to cultivate our deepest resources to cultivate Willpower with gentleness. A time to nourish our desire or life force to persevere towards what needs to be done.

February: Fusion of the 5 Element 1 and 2 (date/place TBC)

March 7 & 8: ÉMOTIONS, 10-3pm REGISTER

The Chinese character for the emotions has two parts the heart is on the left, and on the right is the green and blue/color of life.  It gives the image of movement as a surging force. Once there is the constitution of the body as an organism then emotions can express themselves.  In this workshop we would look at emotions as a form of light that colors us and moves within and without us. We will observe how emotions reside within the essences of the zang / organs and manifest as expression in being.

May 23: SPRING/WOOD Active Agent, 10am-3pm (more soon) REGISTER

May 24: Contemplative ACTION for advanced students, 10am-4pm (more soon) REGISTER

July 20-26: INTENSIVE SUMMER/FIRE Active Agent, 10am-2pm  (more soon) REGISTER


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