C O R E  M O T I O N: Workshops

1-Day Workshop: Organism That Body! 
March 25, 2017  10am-3pm

Randy Warshow Studio 115 Wooster Street, Soho NYC

The workshop will work on a multi-layered approach to harness our liver / gallbladder energy which is related to our ability to manifest into the world.
It is about our visions and how we organize ourselves to make it happen.
It is about our defenses and our ability to move forward. 
It is about seeing and being seen.
In the body, this manifests with the tendons connecting between the bones and muscles and our ability to grow between Heaven and Earth, it is the wood energy.
Applied to performance, we can use this drive to mobilize ourselves and give directions into action and movement, wether it is physical, emotional, energetical or intellectual. 


This corresponds
With the spring qi.
It is the way

That maintains the drive of life
- The Way of Heaven Claude Larre and Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee


Workshops, lectures and performances in Europe
April 18, 2017 through May 22, 2017.

Germany, Berlin: TANZ FABRIK BERLIN April 18-21, and panel discussion April 22

Italy, Venice: University Ca’ Foscari Lecture on The Prosodic Body April 26

Italy, Venice: SPAZIO VOLL VICENZA workshop and performance April 29th-30th

England, London: INDEPENDENT DANCE May 19-21


3-Day Workshop: CONTEMPLATIVE ACTION: A Creative Process
May 26, 2017  6pm-8pm  &  May 27-28, 2017  10am-3pm 

Randy Warshow Studio 115 Wooster Street, Soho NYC

This workshop will develop tools for improvisation and composition in performance. It is an intuitive framework based on the fundamentals of the Chinese 5 Element Theory used in order to experience the correlations between the organs, senses, emotions, and our orientation in the space that surrounds us. The student enters a deep exploration of the links between one’s most intimate perception of self, others, and the environment.  Faïn sees this approach as an instrument of observation of the dynamics at play between intention, initiation and impetus in a creative process.


5-Day Workshop: The Heart
July 17 - 21, 10am-1pm

"By nature, a human possesses blood and breaths, and a heart that allows knowledge." - Liji, Yueji

Randy Warshow Studio 115 Wooster Street, Soho NYC

The Heart represents the Empress/Emperor, and the other organs serve as ministers.

It corresponds to the Fire element and has 4 functions:

The Pericardium, The Blood, The Small Intestine, and Triple Warmer meridian or The Heart of The Heart connecting us to the emptiness and vastness.

Heart and Fire correspond to the Summer season, the stage of growth is Fully Bloomed. 

The Tongue is said to spring from the Heart. Therefore it is said, “The Tongue speaks to the Heart and the Heart speaks to the Tongue.”

The sound of the Heart is laughter and the smell is smoke.

It is a yang energy that moves upward.

If not tamed,  it can spread without control.

You can’t catch Fire, therefore it is said that the true nature of the heart is emptiness.

In this workshop, we will focus on the Generative Cycle and the Control cycle to explore the moving dynamics of Fire energy, and its correspondence with the other four elements.

This workshop completes a full study cycle and is highly recommended for the students that have been studying since last fall. New students are welcome too.

Work-study and partial scholarships are available. Contact Daria Faïn with a 1 page letter of motivation and C.V.