C O R E  M O T I O N:  2017 - 2018 Workshops 

Randy Warshaw Studio
                       115 Wooster St. NYC, SoHo

10 AM - 3 PM


Sunday 9/24/2017  —  Basic Qi Gong & Six Healing Sounds

This workshop is a introduction to Qigong and Five Element Theory. We will cover the 6 Healing Sounds, the Microcosmic Orbit and the Inner Smile.

  • The 6 Healing Sounds are an effective way of restoring and maintaining balance of the internal organs that regulated our emotions. 
  • The Inner Smile connects with your original force as an energy to cultivate, store and move internally.
  • The Microcosmic Orbit is a practice that links the 2 major meridians in the body, balances Yin and Yang energy,  and enables you to multiply the energy flow in the other meridians.


Saturday 10/21/2017 — Fall/Metal Workshop

As the sap goes back to the roots in Earth, in Autumn a tremendous transformation is happening.This is an occasion to work internally with what seems to be invisible from the outside as a force that recedes, dissolves and cuts through.  Working physically, energetically, emotional and intellectually as a whole, we will began this exploration of the Metal element. Bring pictures, texts, object that evoke the Metal Energy to you.

PO The power of transformation
Contemplation - Reflexion - Letting go
"It might seams easier to straighten
the winding rivers and flatten tall mountains
then alter the disposition of a rigid mind.”
- Hua-Ching Ni -

 "Heart and Lung. The Lung governs or master the qi of the whole body, and the Heart is responsible for the blood. Blood and qi are just another expression of the whole vitality.” - Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée


Saturday 12/2/2017 — EMOTIONS

The Chinese character for the emotions (情 / qing) has two parts. The heart is on left, and on the right is the green and blue/color of life.  It gives the image of movement as a surging force. Once there is the constitution of the body as an organism then emotions can express themselves.  In this workshop we would look at emotions as a form of light that colors us and moves within and without us. We will observe how emotions reside within the essences of the zang / organs and manifest as expression in being.

Saturday 2/24/2018 — Spring/Wood Workshop

The workshop will work on a multi-layered approach to harness our liver / gallbladder energy which is related to our ability to manifest into the world.

It is about our visions and how we organize ourselves to make it happen.
It is about our defenses and our ability to move forward.
It is about seeing and being seen.

This corresponds
With the spring qi.
It is the way
That maintains the drive of life
- The Way of Heaven Claude Larre and Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee


Sunday 2/25/2018 — Fusion of the Five Elements

To connect between and to gain a focused sense of the inner and outer universes. Fusion begins with understanding the dynamics of the universe, the planet Earth, and the human body with respect to their relationships to the Five Elements of Nature. Fusion of the Five Elements, marking the beginning of the Taoist practice of Internal Alchemy, focuses on the interaction and fusion of all five elements and their correspondences, and their transformation into a harmonious whole of high quality energy. During this process the essence of life-force energy found in the organs, glands, and senses is transformed, purified, condensed, and combined with the Universal Force. The new form of energy that emerges through this process can effect positive changes in the human body/mind.


Saturday 4/7/2018 — Tai-Chi/Chi-Kung Form from Mantak Chia

This 13 movement short form of Tai Chi concentrates on the inner structure (see Mantak Chia’s classic reference book The Inner Structure of Tai Chi). It consists of working with the 8 forces in the 5 directions, North, East, South, West, and Centre and its simplicity allows real work on inner power and energy.


Saturday 6/9/2018 — Summer/Fire Workshop

Every day will consist in 1h45 of technique work based of Chi Kung, a small pause and 1hour of Contemplative Action related to the with the heart. Bring a notebook.

“The vital Thrust is directed by the heart with sovereign authority. The heart expand in its surroundings, which we call the body, and which classical tradition calls the Four Members. The five zang* are the marvelous engine of the organic reconstruction of life under the guidance of the five authorities. The symbiosis of the blood and breaths always confers, by authority of the heart, a vivifying power to the organic ensemble. We could also say that cosmic life flows out and circulates in us under the connecting and contracting modalities of the blood and the breaths.”  -- Rooted in Spirit by Claude Larre & Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée


Saturday 8/25/2018 — Late Summer/Earth Workshop

As the pick of the Yang energy of summer is decreasing and we are about to start a new cycle of our life in the coming fall, DPA is the perfect place to focus on centering  and the Power of Intention.

This connects us to the Earth Elements – it is a transitioning and ingesting time.

As usual the work will include C O R E  M O T I O N Inner structure as a way to awake and align ourselves. We’ll then evolve into  C O R E  M O T I O N Contemplative Action for an individual and collective exploration of Earth in relation to the other four elements. The workshop with include a light meal to experiment savors in relation to each elements.

Work-study and partial scholarships are available. Contact Daria Faïn with a 1 page letter of motivation and C.V.