C O R E  M O T I O N: Workshops

5-Day Workshop: The Heart
July 17 - 21, 10am-1pm

"By nature, a human possesses blood and breaths, and a heart that allows knowledge." - Liji, Yueji

Randy Warshow Studio 115 Wooster Street, Soho NYC

"By nature, a human possesses blood and breaths, and a heart that allows knowledge." - Liji, Yueji

Every day will consist in 1h45 of technic work based of Chi Kung, a small pause and 1hour of Contemplative Action working with the heart and its interdependencies within the bodymind experience. Bring a note book.

The vital thrust is directed by the heart with sovereign authority. The heart expands in its surroundings, which we call the body, and which classical tradition calls the Four Members. The five zang[1] are the marvelous engine of the organic reconstruction of life under the guidance of the five authorities[2]. The symbiosis of the blood and breaths always confers, by authority of the heart, a vivifying power to the organic ensemble. We could also say that cosmic life flows out and circulates in us under the connecting and contracting modalities of the blood and the breaths.

[1] The 5 organs: Heart, Liver, Lung, Spleen and kidneys

[2] Shen/Heart, Hun/Liver, Po/Lung, Intent/Spleen, and Will/Kidneys

Excerpt from Rooted in Spirit by Claude Larre & Elisabeth Rocha de la Vallée


This workshop completes a full study cycle and is highly recommended for the students that have been studying since last fall. New students are welcome too.

Work-study and partial scholarships are available. Contact Daria Faïn with a 1 page letter of motivation and C.V.