C O R E  M O T I O N:  2018 Workshops

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Heart/Fire: 4-day Intensive Workshop

7/12- 7/15 10AM-2PM
Randy Warshaw Studio115 Wooster St. NYC, SoHo
$240 - full wksp / $65 - single day of wksp


Every day will consist in 1h45 of technique work based of Chi Kung, a small pause and 1hour of Contemplative Action related to the with the heart. Bring a notebook.

“The vital Thrust is directed by the heart with sovereign authority. The heart expand in its surroundings, which we call the body, and which classical tradition calls the Four Members. The five zang [trans.: organ systems] are the marvelous engine of the organic reconstruction of life under the guidance of the five authorities. The symbiosis of the blood and breaths always confers, by authority of the heart, a vivifying power to the organic ensemble. We could also say that cosmic life flows out and circulates in us under the connecting and contracting modalities of the blood and the breaths.”  -- Rooted in Spirit trans. by Claude Larre & Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée


Earth: 7-day Intensive Workshop

M-F  8/20-8/24 10AM-1PM &
S&S 8/25-8/26 10AM-2PM
Location:  Randy Warshaw Studio 115 Wooster St. NYC, SoHo
$300 - full wksp / please contact directly to register for single day of wksp


As the peak of the Yang energy of summer is decreasing and we are about to start a new cycle of our life in the coming fall, we are in the perfect place to focus on centering and the Power of Intention.

This connects us to the Earth Element – it is a transitioning and ingesting time.

As usual the work will include C O R E  M O T I O N Inner structure as a way to awake and align ourselves. We’ll then evolve into  C O R E  M O T I O N Contemplative Action for an individual and collective exploration of Earth in relation to the other four elements.


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Work-study and partial scholarships are available. Contact Daria Faïn with a 1 page letter of motivation and C.V. via coremotionprogram@gmail.com