C O R E  M O T I O N

NEW! Two Year Certification Program

The C O R E  M O T I O N Certification Program is a two year course of study. The program is a commitment to activating maximum benefit from the C O R EM O T I O N practice for personal growth with the intention to become a certified teacher. 

The first year covers all the basics of the Qigong practice in relation to the Chinese Five Element Theory. With this gained knowledge, the second year focuses on the students' independent project applying the principles studied during the first year. 

The first year includes 100 hours of weekly classes, 6 workshops (one foundational internal Qigong basics, five for each element according to Chinese Five Element Theory), and 4 private consultations a year. Students are required to complete these hours of study. Students must organize their own schedule and document hours on their own attendance sheet. After this cycle of study, students will be assessed on their knowledge of the principles. An independent project will develop from this assessment.  

In this two year program, students can register in either the fall or spring.
To inquire about registration, please send us an email. 

Tuition for the first cycle of study is $2230 (Including card Square fees) or $2170 by cash, check or bank transfer.

Information regarding the second year of the program is available here. 

Payment plans, partial scholarships, and work-study positions are available. To apply and for questions: Please send email with a short letter of motivation and a short bio.