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An Exploration of How Expression Manifests

C O R E   M O T I O N 
summer camping retreat with Daria Faïn
in a mountain forest near Beacon, NY

August 14-18, 2019

Join Daria in the mountains high above the Hudson River this August !

Hudson River Valley from the Breakneck Ridge,    Photo by Jeffrey Pang
Hudson River Valley from the Breakneck Ridge
Photo by Jeffrey Pang

Summer is the blooming season, when nature’s extroverted expression manifests in the world. It’s a good time to gather together in a mountain forest to observe at once both the natural world and our own internal natures, in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of our own possibilities for external creative manifestation.

We will focus our practice in the heart, where the Shen, our spirit or soul, lives. Although we can access the Shen at any time, in this retreat we will observe and learn from nature’s summer examples how the season’s manifestations reflect on our own opening. Through the heart, the empress/emperor of all organs, and the blood, the flow of life within us, we connect to the Shen within, and to society. The tongue, responsible for taste and speech, enables a sense of discernment that shows the way to reflection, thought, and knowing how.

This knowing how is the sense of agency that comes from a profound visceral understanding of self in relation to the physical and spiritual world. It is the fire energy that gives birth to performance or creative activity. During our four days together, we will invite this fluid self as we deepen our connection to inner awareness, each other, and the natural world around us. This intensive experience will heighten the flow of life within us and create a foundation for our personal manifestation in the world.

PLEASE JOIN US!  We invite anyone who is interested in exploring embodiment in nature with other kindred spirits. This practice can be done by adults of all ages and abilities, and will be enriching to advanced Chi Kung practitioners and dancers, as well as those without experience in either of these disciplines.


Presented by
C O R E   M O T I O N  founder and director
Chi Kung instructor


Chef/Nutritional Educator (to be announced)
Integrate, a Chinese Medical Practice and Herbal Dispensary in Beacon, NY

(Others may be added, so please check back.)



Photo by Yinan Chen

Every morning, we will walk through the mountain forest to an outdoor spot where we can enjoy our breakfast and practice Chi Kung. Then we’ll intensify our connection to the environment by tuning in through various sensory practices to our physical senses and movement. We’ll hike back to camp for lunch.
In the afternoon, we’ll explore Chinese Five Elements philosophy through readings and discussion in a studio near the campsite. We will focus on Fire, the summer element, while exploring the interdependence of all five elements. We will cultivate awareness of the unique blend of the five elements within our own individual constitutions, and look at the relationship between what we are made up of and the universal seasonal manifestation of the five elements.

At night after dinner, there will be optional campfires and whatever people bring to the circle: storytelling, astrology, readings, music, meditation...and community!

One day we will venture into Beacon to visit Integrate, a Chinese Medical Practice and Herbal Dispensary. You may instead take this time for personal practice or exploring, if you prefer.

Look forward to good vegetarian food every day, along with sharing and learning about nutrition. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be prepared together under the direction of a chef. Clean-up responsibilities will also be shared. We will dine communally, but you can go off on your own if you want a break from the group.

If you want meat or have special dietary needs, let us know what you need at coremotionprogram@gmail.com.


$465 - Registration Deadline July 17th
$395 - Early Bird price until April 12th

Included: Tuition & Meals
Not Included: Transportation & Camping

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Photo by Malouf's Mountain Campground


Malouf’s Mountain Campground on the Fishkill Ridge near Beacon, NY
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• Primitive Sites = $55/night, 1 person, must provide own camping gear
• Platform Sites = $80/night, 1–2 people, 1 tent included
   + 1 person (max 3 on platform) = plus $20/night
   + 1 tent on (max 2 on platform) = plus $10/night
• Fifth night is free, so stay an extra night either before or after the retreat, if you like.

You must make your own campsite reservation in addition to registering for the retreat. When reserving, let the campground know you are attending Daria Faïn’s  B L O O M  retreat, and make arrangements for van transportation from the train station (see below for details).
Participants are responsible for their own transportation costs and reservations.

1) By Train
Metro North Hudson Line to Beacon
Discount roundtrip tickets are available for trips longer than two nights, if reserved two weeks in advance.

2) By Van
Van reservations must be made directly with the campground.
Campers can ride from the Beacon train station to the Red Overlook Trail.
Luggage is taken to camp for a fee (rates on reservation page).

3) By Foot
It's about a 30-minute hike to camp from the trailhead.

Click here for more transportation info.

Come to the mountains with us this summer !


The  C O R E   M O T I O N  program
is a limb of The Prosodic Body.

Although full program enrollment is not required for participation in this retreat, please take a look
at what we do
, and consider joining us year round!