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8/14/19   Wednesday

Getting from Beacon Station to Camp
Malouf’s Campground will pick you up from the Beacon train station and take you to one of three trailheads where you can begin your hike in to the campground. Depending on which of the three trails you choose, your hike will take about ½ hour, 2-½ hours, or 3-5 hours (more info about the trails here).
Be sure to schedule your train and van reservations so that you arrive with enough time to settle in to your campsite before the opening gathering, and reserve your spot on the van at least 72 hours before arrival.

8 am–5:15 pmVan Pickups
If you want to spend some extra time in the mountain forest before the retreat starts, you can come early and hike around until check-in time. You can get a van as late as 5:15, but that won’t get you to the retreat on time. Work out your pick-up time and drop-off point with Malouf’s when you reserve.

1 pmEarliest Campground Check-In

3 pmLast Van (that will arrive at camp before 4 pm, but consider catching an earlier van so you have time to set up camp before afternoon/evening events begin)

4 pmOpening Gathering

DINNER: 6:30 pm

8/15/19–8/18/19   Thursday to Sunday
(Retreat ends at 5 pm Sunday.)

MORNING (outside, weather permitting)

6–7 amMountain Hike to morning practice/breakfast site

7–8:30 amChi Kung
We will wake up our qi with Chi Kung forms and movement scores that focus on core energetic principles. The practice will invite an intuitive integration of these foundations and connect energy centers, meridiens, and physiological systems. Practicing together away from urban distractions, we will pay attention to the expansion of nature in summer. This will inform and enhance the way we cultivate and cycle our own energy toward powerful refinements to our practice.

BREAKFAST: 8:30–9 am

9–11:30 amExperiential Exploration Through Sensory Perception
We will cultivate greater sense perception within our environment by exploring movement in various ways to enhance our sensitivity to the Five Elements (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood). In focusing on what we encounter along the path each morning, our senses (touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste) will come together as one open and acute awareness.

11:30 am–12:30 pmMountain Hike back to campground

LUNCH: 12:30–2 pm (prep meal together, eat, clean up)

2–2:30 pm — Ride to yoga studio in Beacon

AFTERNOON (at a yoga studio in Beacon)
2:30–5:30 pm

Opening up the Creative Process with Five Elements Theory
We will read about Five Elements Theory, and there will be time for individual and group exploration, discussion, and learning from each other’s experiences. Support will be given to participants’ efforts to apply what is being learned to their individual creative processes.

Fusion of the Five Elements, an Internal Alchemy Meditation
This practice cultivates the pure life-force energy derived from the organs, and then crystallizes it into an energy ball that is circulated in the Microcosmic Orbit. This meditation balances the organs’ essences.

5:30–6 pm — Ride back to campground

DINNER: 6:30 pm (prep meal together, eat, clean up)

Optional gatherings around the campfire, a time for community and sharing about all kinds of things...nutrition, astrology, readings, astronomy, stories, meditation, music...whatever comes up!

The retreat ends at 5 pm Sunday afternoon, but the campground offers a free fifth day of camping, subject to availability. If you plan to stay over another night, you must reserve your Sunday campsite by July 14th.

Other optional activities may be offered at a later date.